[Fashion] Leids Clothing (@leids_clothing) #TruLyfeBlog



As online shopping gets more popular, Tru Lyfe wanted to showcase an Online Clothing Line call “Leids Clothing” (Loyal Educated Individuals Determined To Succeed). 


Here at Leids Clothing we believe we don’t need a building or institution to promote education. The individual is the classroom. We hold the knowledge to expand our youth and those around us. We promote positivity no matter the situation remain positive. Because negative thoughts cause negative results. Last but not least we promote swag. Here at Leids we believe swag is about your mindset and not your physical appearance.

 -Leids Clothing Line


Check out their products here: http://www.leidsclothing.storenvy.com/ 




Check out “Leids Clothing” Dope Watches here: http://www.modifywatches.com/leidsclothing


Support them online:

IG: @leids_clothing

Twitter: @@leids_clothing




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