@TruthDaRealest releases cover for “Lifted (2012)” #TruLyfeBlog #TeamTruth #Lifted2012



As we been patiently waiting for the re-release of female artist TruthDaRealest single “Lifted (2012)” the release date draws closer and so does the buzz. Truth has been talking about exclusives coming up on her SnapChat and talked about releasing the cover picture on her Facebook page. We are the FIRST blog with the official cover picture. Check it out.

Lifted Cover.jpg


“Lifted (2012)” was originally released the summer of 2012 and was Truth’s first single once she started working on music and started getting into the music industry. During the start of Truth’s music career she knew how to write different songs and draw certain imagery out of beats. Truth said that “Lifted (2012)” was a song that came together all by itself one afternoon. She said that she literally got the beat from one of her old producers, DJ S.K.   The beat itself is laid back and chill, perfect for a smoke session and if you know Truth then that’s her cup of tea. The song was both wrote and recorded all in the same day.

As soon as Truth heard the beat she was sparked with lyrics and began writing. In 2012, Truth was just starting out so the original track was thrown together and barely understandable and enjoyable. Truth wanted to rework the track even though she could not reach the original producer or find the original input tracks to remaster and remix the song fully. Truth cleaned up the old version and remastered as best as she could with what she had in hopes to drop a better version than the first one.

All we can do now is wait till August 12, 2016. But until then, check out the Snippet Below:

Website: http://www.TruthDaRealest.com

Social Media:

Twitter | Instagram | SnapChat : @TruthDaRealest


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