Smook Deville x VictoriousVIC – “How We Living” (@SmookDeville) #Submission #TruLyfeBlog


Tru Lyfe has ran across a phenomenal duo Smook Deville & producer VictoriousVIC. What’s even better is the fact that the duo is from two completely different places in the world  Denver, Colorado & Melbourne, Australia. The joint that is being featured is really great Hip-Hop storytelling vibe.

Off the back of their 2015 album ‘Matter of Time’ these two released this hot new single “How We Living”. Make sure you’re listening to the words because there is a lot of lines in the track that people can relate to throughout the song.

Listen Here:


The Official Music Video is also out for you guys to check out as well.

Shot by up and coming NYC filmmaker Colby Moore, the New York City Street visuals provide the perfect backdrop for Smook’s gritty tales, outlining the struggles of everyday living.


Watch Below:


Link Up with the Duo:

Smook Deville:

TimeOut Productions:



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